July 8, 2018: Registration for the Run to the Polls! 5k/10k/half marathon is open!


Voting is critically important to any country and we want to get more people involved in the United States. Through this nonpartisan effort, we want to: – Raise awareness about voting importance and voter rights in the United States – Encourage voter registration and early voting – Highlight key issues individuals should explore to be […]

Florida is known for its warm, tropical weather and its sandy beaches, but its capital city, Tallahassee, holds the record low temperature ever at -2ᵒ Fahrenheit. The city itself is heavily influenced by its Spanish roots and is home to one of the first Spanish missions in the United States.

One cannot think of Springfield, Illinois without thinking of America’s most famous President – Abraham Lincoln, but it’s also famous for Maid Rite, the restaurant boasting the first drive-thru in the United States.                 

Richmond was named after an English town in what’s now London because the James River looked like the River Thames from Richmond Hill. This race highlights two of Richmond’s most famous citizens – Maggie Walker and Edgar Allen Poe.            

Northern California’s capital city is known for its diversity, culture, and history. Its location at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers made it a major distribution point during the 1848-1855 gold rush.        

This first race of the State Capital Series highlights some of Austin’s iconic features to live up to its motto, “Keep Austin Weird.”

The Ordinary Marathon is a virtual race organized by the communities of Run, Heifer, Run! and  Ordinary Marathoner.  It is taking place from April 27 – May 6, 2018.  The goal is to make your best effort to run as many miles over those ten days as you can.  Does this mean you have to […]

The Just BEE virtual 5K/10K race helps those who’ve suffered brain-related injuries and their families by raising proceeds and awareness. This race also serves as encouragement to these people, their loved ones, and everyone else. Register for this race and run wherever you want, whenever you want! 100% of all proceeds will be donated to […]