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Capital City Series: Tallahassee, FL


Welcome to the Tallahassee, FL virtual race registration page! Your registration includes a custom race bib and finisher’s medal. Let’s begin the registration – it’s 1-2-3 easy!

  1. Decide if you want to include a shirt with your race and select the desired size S-XXXL (shirts are $12.00 with registration)
  2. Select your desired race distance (you can change this when you record your results, if you want)
  3. Click “Add to cart,” and let’s get moving!

In the shopping cart, you can also add other goodies to your race packet, such as a sport towel or another race registration.

Proceeds from your race registration will go help two nonprofit animal rescue organizations.

Please note: For international shipping, expect 3-4 weeks for your packet to arrive, depending on country.


If you cannot successfully check out with your address (i.e., you are unable to select a shipping option), please email Scott Frasard at info@fureverhomerunning.com and he will register you from our end. See a detailed message about this on the “News” tab at the top of your screen. Please accept our sincerest apologies until this is sorted out.

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Florida is known for its warm, tropical weather and its sandy beaches, but its capital city, Tallahassee, holds the record low temperature ever at -2ᵒ Fahrenheit. The city itself is heavily influenced by its Spanish roots and is home to one of the first Spanish missions in the United States.

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