January 1, 2020: Furever Home Running is now closed. We will remain open for the 2020 Ordinary Marathon registration through mid-May.


01-OCT-19: Collaboration With Four Legged Running
Furever Home Running is proud to partner with Four Legged Running to support a common cause. Like us, they put on races (live and virtual) to raise money for nonprofit animal rescue! They are having their annual 5k/half marathon/dog mile on Sunday November 17, 2019 in Mascoutah, IL. The start and finish will be at Scheve Park – 890 N. 10th Street. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. You can participate virtual from anywhere in the world!

Go to https://www.fourleggedrunning.com to register today. When you sign up, $20 of your entry fee is donated to non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organizations. Use code FHR to save $5 on your entry fee!

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26-JUN-19: Registration Checkout Errors
Due to a recent upgrade of the USPS address database that this website (and other e-commerce websites) use for shipping, we are experiencing some checkout difficulties. We have fielded a number of complaints about not being able to select a shipping option due to an unrecognizable address and/or zip code despite entering all information into the fields correctly. This is a known problem, but we have a low-tech solution!

If you happen to experience this situation – first, we sincerely apologize. We know it is very frustrating! Fortunately, we can register you and include any add-on items (i.e., shirts, sports towel, etc.) on our end. To do this, please email Scott Frasard at info@fureverhomerunning.com and he will ensure you are properly registered. You will receive a confirmation email and an invoice  for the registration fee. Please accept our sincerest apologies until this is sorted out.

04-JUN-19: All Registrations Include a Sports Towel!
Beginning June 1st, all race registrations will include a free Furever Home Running sports towel! Now you have something else to look forward to when you open your race packet.

23-AUG-18: First Non-Running Event Launched!
Furever Home Running is excited to announce our first-ever non-running event – a 50- or 100-mile bike event! This is the result of high interest in the virtual endurance event world and we wanted to be among the very few companies who offer such an opportunity. The Cranking Watts virtual bike event is open for registration and your packet will include a finisher’s medal and plastic bike placard. Check out the medal to the left and register today for your very own!




23-AUG-18: New Legal Name
I just came back from my accountant’s office and have some great news… Furever Home Running’s new legal name is “Furever Home Running, LLC.” Why the change? Well, when we opened our doors in Q4 last year, Texas would not permit me to file the name “Furever Home Running” since it was close in name to other LLCs in Texas. Recently, Texas changed something that allowed me to change the name. Now, I have the legal name as I intended it to be from the start!

What does this mean for you? Nothing. You will still enjoy the same virtual running experience as you have been thus far.

07-JUL-18: Newest Adoption!
Mead and Scott Frasard, owners of Furever Home Running, adopted a new cat. Read Mead’s account of this amazing cat’s story.

Meet our newest baby! This sweet, big boy comes from the Mineral Wells Animal Shelter. We’re discussing his potential names on the way home. Why this boy? Awhile back, I had dreamt Scott picked a gray tabby. Out of all the cats there, this was the cat that called to Scott. Done deal if you ask me.

This gentle cat was saved from a hoarder situation where 70 cats were found in an RV. The RV had no ventilation. It was over 103 degrees outside and at least 110 in the RV. Twenty cats had to be euthanized. They didn’t make it. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, malnutrition, and illness claimed them.

This big guy was a survivor. He clawed his way to an ice pack a rescuer had placed and laid his head on it. Then he waited in the shelter. But no more rescues came. Others were taken by rescue orgs, but he wasn’t. His choices were limited. Would he become a barn cat? Or would he run out of time and be euthanized for space? Scott and I lost Sam just recently. We talked. We made a decision. We would go get “an RV cat.” We drove 3 hours north, spent the night, and this kitty selected us.

There are still 6 RV cats left. Will they be put in a barn? Euthanized? Or rescued into an organization or home? I don’t know. But we met the other 6 today and each of them would make an amazing pet.

Spay and neuter. And if you know someone who can’t afford it, be brave enough to offer to pay for them. Because what you are doing is saving a life.



05-JUL-18: Q2 Donations to Nonprofit Rescues
Today, Furever Home Running made it’s quarterly donation to Roman’s Rescue and Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue. This donation of just over $312.00 represents a 57% increase over Q1. While not a lot of money in some respects, this helps these two groups tremendously! Last quarter’s donations helped to purchase some much-needed supplies.


06-MAY-18: Life Is Not A Sprint Blog
Today, Furever Home Running was featured in a blog by Luke Blower, a British running living in Japan. His blog encourages others and build a community of supportive runners.

In this blog, you’ll read about how Furever Home Running helps nonprofit animal rescue groups, my considerations when finding a charity to donate, and some general tips for runners. You can read the full blog here: https://lifeisnotasprint.com/virtual-running-to-help-animals-in-need/. While there, be sure to explore Luke’s website and shop at his store!


06-MAY-18: Ordinary Marathoner Podcast
Last week, I was interviewed for a podcast published by Ordinary Marathoners. Furever Home Running was the race director for the Ordinary Marathon, which just concluded. Their aim to spread positive encouragement by telling interesting personal stories in an entertaining fashion.

In this podcast, we talk about participating in virtual runs, Furever Home Running, the nonprofit animal rescue organizations we help support (starting around the 17-minute mark), and my upcoming Guinness World Record attempt. To hear this (and other) podcasts, go to: https://ordinarymarathoner.com/category/podcast/ and look for podcast #83. Be sure to leave some feedback and let Scott Riecke know what you think of his contribution to the running world! Also, please go to https://www.facebook.com/OrdinaryMarathoner/ and request to join his growing Facebook following. You can also follow him on Twitter @OrdMarathoner.


23-APR-18: Road Runner’s Club of America Race Director Certification
Congratulations to Scott Frasard, owner of Furever Home Running, for earning the Road Runner’s Club of America Race Director Certification. This comes after a 16-hour course of instruction and exam demonstrating requisite knowledge of all aspects of operating a race. This will help ensure your next race Furever Home Running puts together and runs for you will be a success!


11-APR-18: Put on your own race
Do you want to put on your own 5K or 10K race, but don’t know where to start? Furever Home Running can produce your race and can help you:
– Design medals, race bibs, and other swag
– Process registration and payment
– Pack and ship race packets
– Guide you through a successful race experience

Email Scott at info@fureverhomerunning.com or click on the messenger button below to start right away!

07-APR-18: 2018 Polydactyl Pass

Soon, you will be able to buy the Polydactyl Pass. This multi-race pass will allow you to register for multiple Furever Home Running-branded races at a discount! Purchase a 3, 4, 5, or 6-race pass and save up to 20% off the regular registration fee. You won’t have to register for all races at once, but if you do we will ship all race packets at the same time.

We’ll announce when the passes are ready to purchase.

06-APR-18: First FHR donation
Furever Home Running is excited to announce we made our first official donation from race registrations to these two AWESOME nonprofit animal rescue organizations: Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue, in San Antonio, TX and Roman’s Rescue, in Round Rock, TX!

While we wanted to donate more, every dollar matters! We look to have a larger donation in July, but we need your help to do so. Please go to www.fureverhomerunning.com/races to register for a virtual race. Five dollars from each registration is donated to these organizations.


Why We Do It

In everything we do, we believe we are making a difference in the lives of pets and people. We believe every animal deserves a safe, loving home, is provided healthcare, and has adequate food.

We also believe every person can participate in running sports regardless of perceived ability. We believe everyone’s heath is vitally important and increasing physical fitness can be accomplished by increasing self-efficacy and access to running events.