January 1, 2020: Furever Home Running is now closed. We will remain open for the 2020 Ordinary Marathon registration through mid-May.


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What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is the same as any other race – you travel a certain distance under your own power (running, walking, or even crawling) – but differs in a few ways. First, you don’t have to go to a place where the course is planned on a specific day and time. Second, you can run/walk/crawl wherever you, whenever you want, and however slow/fast you want. Third, you don’t have to complete the distance at one time – you can split it up and finish it over as many sessions as you want.

What race distances does Furever Home Running offer?

We currently have 5K, 10K, half marathon, and full marathon distances. In the future, we will add ultramarathon distances, biking, swimming, and triathlon events to the offerings.

How long do I have to complete the race?

How much time do you have? If you want to finish it to achieve a personal best time or you want to take a year to complete, it is up to you! The time is not as important as the journey and sense of accomplishment.

Do I have to run or can I walk?

You can choose whatever means to complete the race as you want – walk, run, crawl, skip, moonwalk, or something else – it is completely up to you. The goal is for you to get across the “finish line” in whatever way you can.

Can I use a walker or wheelchair?

Absolutely! Use whatever you’d like to travel the distance. Remember – this is YOUR race and you get to decide how you’ll participate.

What happens after I register for a race?

After you register, a race packet will be assembled and shipped to you. This packet will include a custom race bib and wicking shirt for the specific race for which you registered. Next, you complete the race however and whenever you want. After you complete the race, you log into the “Race Results” page and enter your finish time. Once you save this entry, your name will be added to the list of other finishers, where you will be able to see your results, and we’ll send you your hard-earned custom finisher’s medal.

What do I get for the registration fee?

For each race in which you register, you will receive a custom race bib, wicking t-shirt, and awesome finisher medal. These are designed to match and are made by reputable manufacturers.

What if I am unable to participate in the race?

If you are unable to participate in the race during the time you planned on participating, you can defer your participation indefinitely. Since the race package is sent to you as soon as you register, you have complete control as to when you race and enjoy your rewards!

Why is the company called “Furever Home Running?”

The company name comes from a common phrase used in the animal rescue circle – whenever an animal is adopted, people commonly say that animal found it’s “furever home,” indicating it is no longer a rescue pet, but rather a permanent part of a family. Since one of our goals is to help raise funds for these rescue organizations, we wanted the name to reflect this aspect of our mission.

Why should I participate in a virtual race?

Each person has a different reason they participate in virtual races. Some do it to add to their medal collection, while others do it for fun, to get/stay healthy, to feel better about themselves, to accomplish a goal, or to contribute to a worthwhile cause. You may have a completely different reason. Regardless the reason, participating will be beneficial to both you and the lives of countless rescued animals.

Other virtual running companies do the same thing. Why should I choose Furever Home Running?

Ultimately, this is a personal choice; however, the difference between Furever Home Running and our competitors is that we live our mission. We are runners and are actively involved in animal rescue. Our passion for what we do lead to starting Furever Home Running and by walking the walk rather than merely talking the talk, you can rest assured that we are doing what’s in everyone’s best interest.

Why does Furever Home Running support animal rescue charities?

Animal rescue organizations tend of be run by one or just a few people who are passionate about saving animals. Once an animal enters a shelter situation, time is of the essence and these organizations typically jump into action and do whatever they can to prevent euthanasia. These organizations are all around, but suffer from insufficient funding to take care of basic costs associated with rescue, such as health checks, medications, spaying/neutering, food, and the like. Additionally, many animals end up being transported from one location to another (sometimes hundreds of miles) to get them to adoption events and potential furever homes. Much of the funds used to do this work come directly from the personal accounts of those who run these organizations.

How do I know money is being donated to the charities?

Furever Home Running establishes a formal agreement with about two nonprofit organizations a year. A charitable pledge agreement (CPA) is signed by Furever Home Running and the rescue organization and this agreement is posted on the Furever Home Running website for you to see first-hand. Each quarter, the supported rescue organizations provide a statement of how donated funds were used to do their work saving animals, which is posted for you to see as well. Additionally, stories and pictures of how Furever Home Running helped these organizations will be included in blogs so you feel close to the rescue action.

How much money will be donated to these charities?

From each race registration, Furever Home Running will donate $5.00 to help support the charities with which we have a signed charitable pledge agreement.

How will the charities receive the donations?

Each month, Furever Home Running will transfer money by a method most convenient to the charity. This is typically done electronically, but it may vary by charity. When money is donated, the donation will be shared on the website for you to see.

How are the charities identified?

There are two ways we identify nonprofit organizations to support. As a start-up company, we reached out to our network of animal rescue organization and asked which are in dire need for financial support. We read each organization’s story and selected two to be the inaugural benefactors for a six-month funding cycle. Moving forward, we will be asking you – the race participants – to nominate organizations and every six months we will select a handful of organizations to be considered. All those who visit the Furever Home Running website will be able to read these organizations’ stories and vote on which one(s) should be selected for the next year funding cycle.

Why We Do It

In everything we do, we believe we are making a difference in the lives of pets and people. We believe every animal deserves a safe, loving home, is provided healthcare, and has adequate food.

We also believe every person can participate in running sports regardless of perceived ability. We believe everyone’s heath is vitally important and increasing physical fitness can be accomplished by increasing self-efficacy and access to running events.